Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

about this blog

Evaundeva is a platform where comic-artists and illustrators or other graphic artists, who have a political, feminist view on the world, publish their work together on one blog. The world of comic and illustration, art schools and art is a place which definitely didn´t get over patriarchy and discrimination. Even if art often tries to appear critical in its content, it's still unseparably linked to business and its rules of competition. So we founded evaundeva to have a friendly public place to show our works.

This certainly doesn´t mean that we only post images which have a clearly political intention or even political message. We just post what makes us tick at the moment.

When we started it was a personal blog but then we began to work together and now we would like to ask more and more artists to share their stuff with us.

Our main purpuse for blogging are networking-reasons and to support each other, have the possibility to have fair comments, advices or discussions about our work. It is also a platform where feminist writers or magazines can look for illustrations for their texts. It would also be useful to post events, call for papers or upcoming festivals, exibitions etc. if there is somebody out there who knows about.

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